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bright days, longing for hometown


baby backview.

baby asked his mom to carry him.

these days all bright days. i felt most blessed by the Heaven. however, the lingering evil, the grandma, made cause of baby's cold, staying with baby at her daughter's home, left me restlessly. 2 days i in office felt urgent to return home to secure baby's health and found baby in deed under poisonous atmosphere brought by the grandma. today ema borrowed my notebook for her courseware. i lingered at home in the beginning of the morning against the grandma, who can lingered in the house and delaying baby joining his kindergarten, where i felt safer for baby for my beloved there caring baby now. after ema returned from her school to send baby to the kindergarten, i arrived my office. the devil in office still challenging me. i idled some time and even chatted with a pal in the male crowded office nearby. quite some of them gay oriented. i reviewed my love and my situation when i roamed in my office. then i got holy message that i should execute my schedule of future right now, ie. returned my hometown and enjoyed peace and leisure there right now. i at once heading to emakingir's house. the grandma returned and slept with baby in a quilt, even baby sweeping. the old ghost in cold well tried all means to closer to baby these days. i at once brought baby up and soon baby picked pc game, while the devil soon slept on the bed. i then brought baby outside to avoid the dirt in house. the sunshine all time bright today. i babbled a lot to baby about the demons in his mother's family, and discussed with baby if i can returned my hometown in the aim to reunite with my beloved, ie. Masheng youjizi, my second wife, my Queen in crown, with whom i will have at least 3 sons in her brilliant wits and brave, calm and firm, my most known and been known, and my Taiwan fiancee, the youngest girl in my Royal now, with whom i never lack passion and energy, and the zhou, the one who follows me the best. i got the message from sunshine and wind. but baby, warren zhu, God and hope of China, refused my request several times. finally we got our decision from the result of our bet of rock-paper-scissors.

today is my lucky day, for i decided to visit my hometown the sooner the better. i enjoyed my life on my home land and my passed dad right this moment and ditched of waiting and endure. Masheng and Taiwan girl from now on can arrange my house there. i should see it in one or 2 years.