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peace in drifting life in eye of violence typhoon.

a bright day.^recent days dogs tried to exert terrorism over my cloudless sky. prayer for Gog more frequently echos in my heart. the facing devil's abuse in fact an accurate plot in its least cost to defame me, out of work time&in drunk excuse. the next day after the show i left office 10 minutes earlier before work time over, as God lets, visiting telcom office to recharge my cellphone's prepay, also narrowly avoid the dog's second attempt to sell its dirt safely, now that machine dog, ie. China police or surveillance system promised keeping absent and worse, reward behind the curtain any humiliation&violence against me. another day passed. then in Sunday afternoon, the monitor, a gay now differentiate itself from its previous team, stayed in office to spy if i dare to join office out of work time, in face of possible abuse. i did as God lets, around 12pm&left near 5pm. the most sinful&repentless gay, the driver in facing office room, once colleague but not now, haunted my office far more frequent these days, monitor the well collectively money devised murder rolling forward. i see more and closer glory of Son shines over me.
in the afternoon, the gay on facing desk challenged me to a historical height. i just let it go&busy with my reading as God rules. its like its last day in office in a short period for its said to start its paid vacation, about 3 weeks. baby's mom, God lets me see clearer again her sin, complained my deficit&refused again to loan me to buy a new udisk to replace my wrecked one. she never risk to loan me more than 500rmb, even i bought the family a new acer notebook of 4600rmb&let her using it now. i also offered her 1900rmb to buy a e-bike but she lost it as i covered in previous blog. i treat her with baby countless dining out, wash out thousand bad debt in my financial book for exempt of what she claimed missing expense under my title. all these done with my salary of ¥1100/month for 7 years, or start from 3 month ago ¥1600/month, while she enjoy 2500rmb/month, and other gray income as a common phenomenon in nowadays China. but never she trust me more than 500rmb. she busy with tutoring every day at cost of her due housewife duty but never report her earnings nor spent a coin from it for family expense. God, never allows me to review if my mercy on her enough, she just don't deserve. let she contented with her money&burning brain for increase it, but just on the day of my glory, Son's fortune to cover&stem out solely my baby son, God of Universe, Hope of China, to the most ready&blessed young man in Royal of Holy. God, never on the earth there is a creature can stand a split of second between baby son&me, the trinity; never the shine of Holy can a human resist with bare eyes or blunt mind. God, dad, Masheng, this is my prayer, my will to shine the land belongs to me, people under my feet.
now its a bright morning. i was so enchanted by the sunrise that i shoot more photos for the moment. the sin on facing desk still lingering in office. last night later than 9:30pm i buzzed baby son, told him no matter his dad in or not in the world, he belongs to God&in the summon of God. no one in the universe can beat his dad, and the Son, his dad, forever accompany him, God. baby son apprehend it without a pause to let me don't bother with perished situation any more.
From drifting life perishable
From drifting life perishable
From drifting life perishable

for picasaweb&flickr blocked within China mainland, the shit&dog dominated sinful land, here some digest of photos hosted domestically.

bright autumn morning sunshine in QRRS dorms.

panorama of QRRS dorms in autumn dusk.


sunny day sees this summer once lavish wading into river of golden memory.

Its a raining day this morning, exactly as Chinese lunar calendar indicting, Chushu, 处暑, summer heat is over. i walked barely in rain with my work suite, ie. notebook&camera, to join office, for every work day is meaningful for me, cultivation, accumulation, and harvest. last afternoon it also rained amid sunshine, its in fact a sun rain, i told baby its the most blessing weather. we had a longest time in years playing pc games together and succeeded most missions while his mom napped in another room. then we dined out. here r the moment we gathered&dined. baby naught a lot in the dinner, with his favorite food Guobaorou, flour coated pork. his mom these day frequently complained enough of him. after dinner, the rain stopped, we walked back, and i departed them on the ground near baby's mom's house.
after returned to QRRS dorms where i lingered for my new marriage, i directly join local church from bus stop, listened a nice preach by the male Priest, who elaborates more on bible, comparing his female pal who only recited poems or quotation from bible. the preach again discussed strong believing as my favorite. after the believers left, i expressed obligation to the Priest, we both felt blessed. on the garden of the dorm, i buzzed baby&his mom, who more and more felt at a loss in our once broken marriage. i buzzed twice to encourage baby lives in patience to see the bright days, for only with bitter or tasteless, we enjoy more the elation and sweat of bliss when it pours in. quite some girls in the dorms haunted outside around me. i can't say other but it all can't be more accomplished.
in the night, i roamed in dorm, reviewing my good time and ahead. sometimes i can't but sang loudly. i also drank a bit. God, u see how close the day of my wedding beset. my baby son badly need a new mother to cook him delicacy. i badly need a soul of girl accompanies&shares our love to u, the Mightiest. God, rid me of anxious, bring my girls to me, to my new Empire of China.
That's my another happy weekends.
Ps:delayed so long since last morning for the publish of photos via email, yet can't finish blogging before including the link of the album. read all time. later chatted with baby's mom, who prepared baby's profile photo for his music lesson. it turns sunny or cloudy since noon. God, saves the beautiful day with my works. save my Royal of China, the saint of my Empire of China.
From farewell to lavish summer
From farewell to lavish summer
From farewell to lavish summer

for picasaweb&flickr blocked within China mainland, the shit&dog dominated sinful land, here some digest of photos hosted domestically.

benzrad, 朱子卓, in restaurant amid a sunrain, shot by warrenzh, 朱楚甲.

baby son posed for shot for an profile photo for his music class, after dined out.


a sunny day brings lasting taste of lavish summer

these 2 or 3 days mostly pale, but its dusk mostly in lovable breeze. i spent more time on the garden bench wondering my new life with my beloved girls. the bench had been a hot place, frequented by quite some QRRS dormers, some of them surely gays. last night i lingered outside latest, reviewing painful waiting for my absent girls, esp. girl zhou. returned to dorm, i talked with God, Masheng for quite some time. crackers outside echoes my thought and judge. i got view of men and women, God's setting to balance them. i saw my baby son, warrenzh, God of Universe, his way straight to fame and glory, all of saint. in the light of joy, i tried google picasa's new feature to make a movie from his avatars through our published album. i hope next gathering he will surprised by the movie.
its a brightest morning in this week. the office had to shelter sun-ray with curtains. i universally so glad to see the bright. God, my only complain is my girls' beautiful life's gliding with fading perfume, please let me join them sooner!
Ps: China censorship likely now underwent new blocking tool, like long time rumor, whitelist filter, reportedly on web quite some sites inaccessible now. i attempted to post photos via email from start of morning yet didn't publish them now even email sent for hours. God, u see my moment with Gospel.


imply google album's binding with profile.^during reading got news of the new feature, binding picasaweb with google profiles. so launched since last afternoon. China surveillance broke amid twice, a sandstorm also blew lots of sand on my desk during the operation. this morning turns out a brilliant morning, i just finished operation over family google albums, even google analytics tracking code yet be saved, neither in chrome nor in firefox, likely China censorship still torn down the page elements between. God, saves my works.


2 cloudy days.^yesterday mostly a pale day. read all time. dozed awhile amid heavy dirt from facing desk's evil. near end of work time, restored os for lagging. shot some photos for flowers in QRRS dorms garden&sunset, which turns hot redden near the end of day. slept earlier after washed vest. a blister grows on center of the sole of my foot, causing pains, but disappeared this morning, which again a cloudy&windy morning. God, redemption for too proud is ready, brings back my eyes-candy sooner. in this silent pale morning, i felt even lonelier, without my beloved girls.


a day in heavy dirt.^last night in pubic lavatory of the dorm, i told a new QRRS graduate that every morning i woke up with fresh hope. this morning i first time join office later than 7:30am. read most of work time. baby's mom, emakingir, rarely logon her gmail in her summer vacation but did this morning, so i video chatted with her&our baby son. yesterday she mimic baby son's claim how he likes toast mutton stick, and suggested arranging next dine out. then i told her my last month salary suffered a loss of half of it, only earned ¥760. the reason i got today is the company deficit of orders&total stopped streamline last month. ema didn't complained the moment, but this time in video she quite quick sheered my suggestion to arrange dining out this week. God, Masheng, i put my Royal's life support on u, for i will reward u ten and hundred of that amount in my Empire of China. u know what i mean, Masheng, i only receive ur meal now and year ahead, let our baby son in happy time and free of anxiousness of needs.
the facing gay all time challenged when i busy. the sin barely stick out his ugly head to gawk at me for minutes when sin torn him apart on position in front of me, in order to show his failure&loss. there is not shame in his sinful life, but death-matching profaning. God times and times let me be my own&walk my road straight, for the hell for the evil never need a second to review. the office already clearly shows a stage of sins, mainly gays. i spent a year to 20 years there to manifest the difference between me and wrecked, the untouchable glory of Son from the falling&sinking flash of the dark&lifeless on this eccentric land, thousand miles from my beloved hometown, central China. the land belongs to me, while the once and current have to descend&earthed by dusts.
after dinner, a gay again occupied the garden bench, so i roamed outside. then rest on it till dusk turns deep. a neat girl reminded me of my girl zhou, who in a moment stands in my inner sight so cute&vivid, that i had to leave outdoors to hold it dear inward. its a nice day, God, u see. this morning dreamed of 2 girls loving me. but i didn't recognized their name on paper. met some Priests in dorm canteen, talked about my preferring more talks on bible rather than his/her own interpret, more holy revelation than preach or warn of wrong doing. the Priest didn't elaborate it as usual. its pale in sky, but turning bright outside of my office now.


family blogger blogs' template improved.^a new work week, God sees how i cherish my timetable&right mood i was beset. read after posted daily tweet. find a nice web service, radiotime.com, to let me listening bible radio without player's niche. customized my account there. after noon launched correcting mistakes on some family blogs on google blog platform, blogger.com, then tried its new powerful template designer, improved most family blogs there with beautiful interface. backup stuff near 4pm, then baby's mom, emakingir arrived to send me some dates she bought, with baby son on her bike. baby son likes a beam enlighten my heart thirsty for joy&dry bright. help ema secure her qq account on road sending them to the grandma's house, where a rich meal including fish prepared, after did that on baby&my account in office previously. after seeing out them, a tall girl reminds me of my girl zhou passed me by, informs how i m fortunate and in God's bliss. after dinner rest on garden's bench for a long time, wondering life with my girl zhou. a gay silently sat parallel on a bench on the other side alone the aisle. shits find way to upset people in their joy. lectured before personal cleaning, with QRRS' new graduates. that caused me exhausted&got up this morning later than 7am. in dawn dreamed of alumni gathering&hot debate among us collegians. my 2rd elder sister also appeared in it. its a bright morning now.


posted a blog including recent photos last Sunday. dreamed of exile.^late sleep till 10am. posted recent photos&a blog entry for my sorrow and missing of my baby son, who also missing me&want more outdoor plays&activities. posted recent photos&blog in office alone. the monitor joined before lunch time&left after an hour. buzzed baby's mom lately near 4pm&found they haunting Fu-Mart&KFC. encouraged ema upon her proactive bringing baby into actions, rather than staying home&watching animation online or TV. after dinner in dorm canteen, rest in sunshine on bench in dorms garden, till shadow cover my lap. continued bathing in sunset in my dorm which on 3rd floor&facing the sunset. bought fruits after roamed outside. enjoy a banana on bench in garden, watched a group of boys and girls playing badminton in front me. God, blesses my baby son, rid him of boring or missing of absent like his dad, me. enrich him every moment with fresh idea&meaningful activities.
after a month i will hopeful see my girls, like girl Zhou once in QRRS, and the girl i met on train returning to Qiqihar from my second hometown journey. its a bright day today, even in sunset i can see the milk clouds missing for days in mid sky.
in night roaming in dorm, reviewing my situation. baby&his mom showered when i buzzed in. i listening music till went to bed near 9:30pm. in dawn, dreamed QRRS, my once&long time employer, and campus, represented by the Zhou, a high rank in QRRS, and a tall male math teacher in my junior middle school, expressed that they want me to leave. i felt evils drove behind the scene. then my collage alumnus, a girl, told me i was narrowly chosen to stay to learn, when we studying physical and mathematical methods to describe close shape. its a bright morning, when i got up exactly 6am.

From life as it extends
From life as it extends
From life as it extends

for picasaweb&flickr blocked within China mainland, the shit&dog dominated sinful land, here some digest of photos hosted domestically.

bright sunset after a pale day.

early moon over QRRS front open space.


silence resolved to make change.

These days find more pleasure in baby, the God of Universe, who in dream informed me he is indeed my dearest son in our trinity. he enjoys more under my custody, and i tried my best to cater to his play. these days our main play is pc game, dined out, but i planned to bring him haunt more places, like garden, zoo, library, asylum, etc. God, equipped me with adequate courage, financial support, and interesting places&persons. God, times belongs to baby son, God of Universe, Hope of China, can't be more wonderful. God, sees our journey!
its a cloudy Sunday morning. i enjoy late sleep, got up after 10am. in restaurant before served, i deeply missing baby son, worried if he felt lonely or boring. the lunch was quite delicious, but God urged me to act to rid baby from boring or motionless. on way to office, i buzzed him, his mom shown irritation and impatient as usual, but baby son glad to accept my suggestion to visit municipal library next weekend. God, u know how i love and endear baby son, Masheng, u know how lovable baby son is, cared my baby, let him enjoy staying on the planet!
its now mostly bright outside. i don't want repent, God, let me active. this weekend i will busy with my posting, but i would promise here i will bring more fantasy to baby who still in comprehension to the world. God, don't let me unsettled. 


my e-payment now ready.^read on cleaner os&felt glad. tried to reclaim one of baby's 163 accounts, warrenzh@163.com, which stealed months ago, but failed. at noon registered an account with ChinaPost and bound it with my alipay account, recharged it ¥40. now i can pay overseas bills. the sins in office challenged all time, esp. the dirty monitor, stayed at noon lately. later they babbled about cadres' promotion within the company. the facing dog tried every chance to show his orthodox, likes a monkey in clothes. they stayed in office after work time, but soon called to gather&left to celebrating the personnel changes refered above, which likely including their close friends' promotion. i sorted stuff from web&felt glad. leaving office before 5:30pm in bright sunshine. the dorms' canteen deteriorating, sold out so early the prepared meal, forced me to order to cook my dinner, which cost me ¥18 even there is nothing delicious nor enough of food, while a common ready meal only costs ¥6. for the garden bench occupied by a male, i roamed out first, then rest for a long time till dusk almost cover the garden of the dorms. sorted portable in dorm. God, the land of China is my property, all trades of cadres in nowadays China is baseless&disappear in my emerging Empire of China. brings my girls, my crowned Queens sooner, God. in these beautiful silent moments in echo of ur holy, i trust u let my elation of reunification among my beloved sooner descending me.


enjoy toast mutton stick with baby&his mom. dreamed of Masheng.^read most day while d/l. tried gmail new interface in afternoon. sorted contacts then&backup. chat with hometown folks about weather, my works online. visit telcom office before leaving for baby for my ill cellphone which recently can't access wap via gprs, but the clerk woman didn't figure it out. dined with baby son&his mom near their house, with toast mutton. i ate enough mutton till full. told baby how i missing him. ema invited me to eat watermelon in her home, so i accompanied them return there. returned to dorm after it turns cloudy, rest awhile on bench, then decided to inquire my bank account to verify my alipay's account for real person behind my ID there. restored os in night, for the windows lagging heavily in afternoon. God, saves my works.
this dawn dreamed of college alumni gathering. then dreamed of Masheng, my Crowned Queen of Japan, who once studied in Nankai Univ with me. dreamed searching her thesis&found 2 or 3. one is about Chinese traditional works, "the art of war" by SunTzu. other thesis i forget now but likely touched our love.
its a brilliant morning now. yesterday when i took bus to meet baby, its drizzled while sunny, so amazing fresh; in night when i sat side by side in a neighbor dorm room with a new QRRS graduate&watching movie on his notebook, he had to cross his legs soon to avoid my presence, then a thunderstorm poured in, informs me how i different from common people. God, brings me my girls i deserves.


a bright&fresh day.^found another google account hacked&break-in. first time tried google's multi-logon. read most day. the gay monitor profaned heavily, lasted near 5:30pm. God sees their scattering&deeper hell. enjoyed stuff from web. fixed broken autoposting. trying to correct wap settings on my cellphone which recent suddenly can't surf, but failed. the shit dog in neighbor room again lied&refused to help my referring his cell's settings. that all let me sees clear the dying department. in night lectured in a neighbor dorm to new QRRS graduates about cellphone's os, people's power to change world with their spendings. its a bright morning now. i see God's blessing upon me&my girls.


evil knocks door.^read all day. one of my google account, benzillar under attacks&broke. gmail warned me the break-in&let me reinforce it with new password. i did, in God's blessing i left my other web assets intact in God's judge. its all day gloomy. after dinner i sat on the garden bench again, then roamed outside. i felt need more heat so i decided to snack with toast mutton on way back. i buzzed baby's mom, who brought baby son haunting KFC, want to treat them with the snack with me, but they rebuffed. a winter is striding toward us, i foreseeing i need more expense on meat. God, saves me from last year's embarrass of penniless. bring me a warm&richer family sooner, in ur holy. slept just after 9pm. this morning dreamed of kid brother. there is wet ground so likely it drizzled again in dawn. but its quite bright when i ate breakfast. now its cloudy.


a lengthy rain.^the rain started last afternoon&lasting so far. i felt so many love&obligation with Masheng, my second wife from Japan. yesterday i finished raw setup with my new domain, benzrad.us, which now blocked by China authority after a day's freedom of access, near 3pm. the task let me missed lunch. in dusk i felt restless, i asked myself what i lack, only my Royal, my beloved girls! the night's preach in local church is on lily by a woman Priest. i sensed my girl approaching me&my new life budding. God. sees my girls bypass turbulence&join my arms in the near end.

From still changes&resolution to change
From still changes&resolution to change
From still changes&resolution to change
From still changes&resolution to change

for picasaweb&flickr blocked within China mainland, the shit&dog dominated sinful land, here some digest of photos hosted domestically.

benzrad, 朱子卓,ate toast mutton in a Korea style restaurant, shot by baby son, warrenzh, 朱楚甲, hope of China.

baby son, warrenzh, 朱楚甲, with his proud mom, emakingir, amid a dine out.

baby son, warrenzh, 朱楚甲, God of Universe, fought against his proud dad, benzrd, 朱子卓's kiss, amid a dine out.

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bliss never seen in trinition

its drizzling when i breakfast in QRRS dorms canteen&heading to office in this weekend. this dawn i had a wonderful dream. i first dreamed of matching in dark. people were put in dark&sex with matches reached in dark house. i trying to find my mate but didn't excite. then dream raising a fish, namely likely Giant salamander, then in an exam to report on the fish. i always hate exam. after exam, i saw a younger fish accompany the fish we raise, the latter then has its gender. then i informed that the fish's tail and meat above shouldn't be eaten as a custom. woke up&reviewing baby's asking not to be God sometimes those days, i was so blessed that baby son, warrenzh, God of Universe, exactly my son, my dearest son. the bliss so great that i got up at once. a drizzle already passed over just amid my dream, after i made water in dawn. the breakfast is plausible, includes a sweat pie. on way to office, it drizzled again, so many loves from Masheng, my Crowned Queen of Japan. 
yesterday i visited baby son in his mom, emakingir's house. ema still in loss in her refusal loan of 400rmb to let me buy family 4th domain, benzrad.ushttp://benzrad.us ). i criticized her in our QQ chat. but my Taiwanese friend help me after rebuffed me once buy the domain exactly yesterday as i suggested in memory of Masheng, who long time urges me to own continents against future world disaster. ema buzzed me twice but both didn't reach me in noisy situation. soon after i arrived there, i told i need her loan, which greatly relief her. she lost 1900rmb and more last weekend when she answered my call on way to River Nen with baby son. that money was offered by me to buy her a e-bike to carry baby son route his kindergarten, for ema complained baby grows that she hardly carry him with her old bike. its all time a bright Saturday, i also showered in public bathroom. baby enjoyed ice cream&candy i bought by the way. i backup stuff from web, tried new games on his notebook. baby glad to see the fresh game experience. near 3pm, i hold him slept on my shoulders. then held him on my arms, till later shifted to bed. his mom urged me to leave, so i returned to dorm, where i ate an early dinner. 
in reviewing the glory of my family, my heart often fulfilled with proud. God, the only missing is my beloved girls, esp the girl on the train when i returning to Qiqihar from my dad's hometown, back to Jun 5,2010, and my girl Zhou, once appeared&hunted after by me till the company startled&stopped me. i know they praying for me, bring us together, God! 


cloudy morning with periodical sunshines.^for no available helping hands for loan for my new domain, i decided trying alipay, a Chinese copy of paypal. waiting the process finished to let me pay overseas. this morning is cool, but periodical sunshine very bright&aspiring. sorted stuff, activated baby's mom, emakingir's 163 mobile email box, retouch her signatures. its the first day the company complies new national common exercise ordain. China steadily falls into trifle&loosing off&losing end. the old time collective exercise helps none but the dead in chamber, kills nothing but time&creativeness. See this Amp at http://amplify.com/u/8e3x 


hopeful a new domain join my titles soon.^read. talked to Taiwanese friend for loan to buy a new domain for my web id. sorted bookmarks to include it&backup. backup family google knol to zoho wiki. sorted stuff before dinner. in dorm prepared confidential for family new member site. its a pale morning. 2 friends rebuff my plan of buy the domain. i had to delay the registry. dozed awhile after lunch, dreamed of losing in exam, which i dislike very much.


dreamed of new domain buy&restless reckons of debt.^read. refined autopost to posterous among family amplify accounts. got "starcraft Ⅱ" finally, amid praying God for pardon me lingering in office for games. played badminton with the couple whose wife worked in neighbor office after dinner. baby didn't talk to me in daily buzz. dreamed of buy one or two domains for my web id, indecisive upon the cost, for my poor financial status hardly supports. join office earlier than 7am. a pale morning like yesterday but still i felt Masheng's love. God, what's the gap between our reuniting?


warned of vilification from familiars.^last afternoon chatted with 2 young folks from Zhudajiu, my hometown. one serving in Chinese Navy. in night God notified me of stab from the back by folks seemingly intimates. dreamed a lot in dawn. sorted os after found its infectious. China surveillance blocked my os auto-update for quite some cases, till i adopt a lan proxy&done. office turns a hell at noon, for all crews stayed, just aim to espionage&challenge me. felt glad with a cleaner os. Masheng, save my work.


gathered praying for new life, for new nest for new start.

baby's mom, emakingir, likely brewing revenge these days. several times she kept smiling but tentatively hurt me by broke her promise not to do due tasks. last Saturday, i enjoyed staying with baby son in his mom's house. but ema's sinful kid sister slept there for several days and will stay there for more days before her Beijing tour. no one know how wrecked the cheap soul fell, but gradually it displayed its ugly paws. after i backup&sorted stuff, and gamed awhile puzzle games with baby, i felt quite exhausted. so when ema suggested haunting River Nen, i suggested the tour next day. we discussed&scheduled at 12PM in Sunday we gathered at bus stop. but next day she said she felt we arranged it 2pm. recently quites some cases she conspired to cheat to humiliated me. times i pray God just let me see it through, now that i don't put any constrain on her, and all my old property under title of my baby son, warrenzh, who now under her custody.
after i arrived the bus stop in Qiqihar railway station square, after 2pm without a meal in the day, i buzzed her. she said she with baby son just a few runway apart. after we almost settled in bus, she found her wallet missing. she hurried to return to road she arrived, and return to her house, but can't find it. all time on way to River Nen she felt sad and laid her head on her crossed arms on back of baby's seat, i know her pains but without mercy nor help. baby slept on the way, but soon after the bus ported on its destiny.
when we passing the Qiqihar Peace Square, a woman colleague with her son ran across us&acquainted us. baby's mom took her way and left us behind some miles. i told baby the day he knows how to talk with God, the day i trust my due duty oversees his growth onto himself. i want to let him know anyone with God's bless sound&peaceful in his/her life.
for ema loathed to play with baby in cool river, i left camera to her&launched built dam with sand for baby carrying water from river with his bottle. we had a good time, till quite some people around arrested&watched our game aside motionlessly. baby never fails me, he forever does the brightest deeds, which so brilliant in Joice and harmony. anytime when i review baby's role of play, i always found God in him, so mighty, so clearly bright, among sinful challenges around, against dirt demons attempt to pour over. God, i know times and times u r baby son, warrenzh, we trinity forever united on this planet to shines.
this is a bright morning. I'm so glad resume to workweek. no palace can nest me except with my beloved girls that praying for me&my Royal, nowhere i can avoid my goal to rebuild China as new Empire rest in God's shine, nowhere any hostile can separate the trinity in my family, in my grand Father, my baby son, and my own that serving them, the Majesty.


dream of Father.^last night most of QRRS dormers watching my response after some girls shown me friendship yesterday. i had to take my old seat occupied last dusk by a male dormer in its garden earlier to testify glory of Son. this dawn dreamed a less smart but gifted guy find love&sex with his woman among dubious pals. many sex woke me up for making water but half way join office directly without breakfast. let d/l&dozed again. dreamed in my hometown, lives in touching love among my old family, esp my siblings. when i tried to show my younger elder sister our old time photos online, the power down, then i informed baby son was taken by his angry mom, emakingir, left the village. my grand Father, God, Founder of new coming Empire of China lives for 1109 years, sees my pains and drains of unbalanced family life with ema, but his forever affirmative halts me from burning of missing baby son. then i woke up&sleepiness disappeared. its now bright outside. God, grows me harder against evil around, bring my new marriage i had been so hotly looking forward to. God, let me sip forever in beauty&freedom, immerse in breathtaking love&lovemaking.


dreamed baby with animals.^dreamed played with baby son, sometimes in my hometown, with birds or animals. got up early&join office near 6:30am. last night buzzed baby's mom, ema, about need her verification on my financial log, she promised but 4th times again she failed me now. its a bright morning. last dusk some beautiful girl souls in QRRS dorms shown me friendship. I'm so sole that i hardly accept them except source of life or timeless love.


bright morning.^dreamed of dispute with baby's mom, emakingir, over baby's custody. got up just after 6am. breakfast then join office, where i m the first arrived. its a bright morning. reviewing baby's mom, emakingir's hatred against me&felt despicable&agonized. she steadily fell in losing&revenge. after all she&her family original in dark&sinful. God, i don't self-protect against anyone, no matter innocent nor guilt. brings me my usual lightening heart, my Dad, Masheng, safeguard my baby son.
gain in invisible war.^read&attending gaining from web. the 2 office gays challenged all time&attempted lasting after work time. dined in canteen before 5:30pm. roamed in dorm room&sometimes clapped to applaud. the neighbor sin beat the paper wall in aim to exert terror. i soon haunted outside, rest on the garden bench to evade dirt in dorm. 3 ugly men there played badminton&gabbled. these 2 days the sky very clear, so attracted lots of kites fly high. missing my girls in peace, in solitary, for i waited so long for our gathering. bought more melons on way back. God, u know how i enjoy life online, aiming future gaming together. God, brings my girls in our prime time.

benzrad's comments on the day

mean Chinese

i guess maybe its because the founder is a Chinese, whose doctrine rightly seeking meanness. Chinese might be spiteful, esp. Chinese on mainland or under Communism or PRC.
Chinese, esp. China, has to change itself. that's God's message in new era for the long life tribe and scary land in its recent history. the stupid insolence and meanness had to ditched, God loves human that's noble. Chinese can't live like herds and flocks which despises itself&worsen its living sanity&load of making a living. God choosing among Chinese, for the new start of Empire of China under title of Zhu's, the owner of latest native Chinese nation dissolved about 300 years ago.

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just take a look at its owner, a feminine conspirer, whose only faith is brutality and shameless overt robbery.
brilliant morning sunshine.^dreamed baby's mom, emakingir skimmed my latest blog. first time slept with quilt for cool in dawn. a bright morning. strike financial log. God, saves my girls, my Royal of China, bring us together sooner! hope missing of my beloved don't weight too much of my heart. time beats all human except me, the Son, and his Royal on the planet.

benzrad's comments on the day

sinful copycat smothers China with its monopoly under authority's heavy protect..

the biggest bullshits in China accord with the authority nowadays at the cost of young slaves of Chinese peasants. i will see its death&disappearance like a fog soon.
just take a look at its owner, a feminine conspirer, whose only faith is brutality and shamelessness covert robbery.

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《计算机世界》于2010年7月26日发表封面报道,对腾讯公司进行了恶毒攻击。腾讯公司对此声明如下: 腾讯是一家严谨和负责任的公司,QQ是国家认证驰名商标。多年来,我们致力于为广大用户提供优质的互联网服务,让用户的生活更丰富,更便利。我们欢迎媒体对我们的产品,服务,企业发展各方面的评论报道。 

腾讯公司 2010年7月26日


相关报道被《计算机世界》骂"狗日的" 腾讯:恶劣粗言

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the impotent ruling party on China mainland.

Hu's only weapon.^RT 政府现在一贯的原则是,任何重大的事故,不管对民众伤害有多大,都以爱护官员为第一前提,这几乎已成了中国官场铁律。@ranyunfei  a perceivable claim. Hu has nothing potent but the cadre system, all dogs. CCP nothing but a dog system predating common Chinese, its hierarchy heavily depend on lower level cadres as teeth&paw.China now for the new era has to cease predating human, which lasts thousand years accompanies national Confucian as covert cheating orthodox. China as a new Empire reset by Zhu's, offspring of last native Chinese nation's Emperor, already started by benzrad, 朱子卓's glorious lead below God's shine&shrine. follow us at http://wiki.be21zh.org ,&time for change among Chinese on the scary land since the fall of Ming Dynasty and now in the pitfall of communism, a handcuff from its geo-strategical enemy, Russia, the dark&theft dog of Euro-Asian continent. China belongs to God that shines over its western cultures, the greatest changer in recent history of Chinese, as well as the world after enlightenment.


a bright morning after sudden thunderstorm in dawn.^breakfast in canteen when its pale in sky. join office&prepared recent photos for a blog entry for the reuniting after i settled again in QRRS dorms for new marriage when it turns sunny. Internet via corporate lan down twice, power down another amid my posting. China surveillance surely knows what a intimidation they want to exert. read it http://iidchina.blog.hexun.com/54177933_d.html

From ema's disaster, a good time for baby&me
From ema's disaster, a good time for baby&me
From ema's disaster, a good time for baby&me
From ema's disaster, a good time for baby&me

for picasaweb&flickr blocked within China mainland, the shit&dog dominated sinful land, here some digest of photos hosted domestically.

a hospital benzrad once trapped for more than 3 months, just when baby son born no more than 5 months on the earth.

baby son, warrenzh, 朱楚甲, played with sand with his proud dad, benzrad, 朱子卓.

baby son, warrenzh, 朱楚甲, God of Universe, drinking before join game in River Nen.

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