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persistent support from Asoh Yukiko, my Crowned Queen from Japan.

This is a gloomy morning. last night listened a strong sermon, but after returned to dorm, i know the connection between dad, God with me, is my treasure&never will be public like the bible. reviewing baby's smartness, really felt painful for so many occasions i mistaken his wonderful beaming response as stupid or meaningful. God, u know how dear my baby son, warrenzh, owner of site warozhu.com, hope of China and God of Universe, is. every moment in office i longing moment with him. every moment with him brings so many touching warm memories. Its a gloomy morning, but i know my second wife caring us. God, last night i met a girl closely, &her height reminds me of my girl zhou, who once appeared in QRRS. God, i never gave up her who is so pure&saint in ur care. God, u know how i love beauty, bring my girls in their prime time, in my prime time, my Empire asking for the blood-bond and shiny heirs.
also, as today in my second wife's share, i need a dell game notebook, about ¥6000, a udisk, ¥300, a mobile ¥800, domains renewal ¥2000, hometown duty ¥1000. God, let me act in freedom.


a day missing in sadness.^the most bright part today is around the noon. endured waiting for d/l. office once colleagues tentatively shown bonus dispatching among them. in the morning they summoned for meeting, i kept busy on desk as usual, for i decided its high time to switch my living support from the company, QRRS, a dying machine suffering fuel leaking by stealing mouse flocks among its staff, to Masheng (Asoh Yukiko), my Japanese Crowned Queen, my God of plenty&serene. cloudy usually let me indecisive, but hopeful tomorrow will bring me unshakable faith&confidence. the night it rains, cleaning&killing for me, sole for me, &so beautiful&formidable. watched rain in dorm's door. bought food&met beautiful girls in QRRS dorms but don't know where&who they r. roamed in dorm in music till after 10pm went to bed. woke up before 5am. ate breakfast, abiding God's bliss&quite enjoy it. its cool&bright morning. Masheng (Asoh Yukiko), stay every moment with me!, bring our babies sooner in our marriage!

benzrad's commment on the day

respectable Chinese lives long.

China nowadays greatly obliged to persons like Dr. Fang, any society needs trust based on authentication. Dr. Fang is a real man, any Chinese should pay him salute.

benzrad's commment on the day

human right of net access.

hope sooner world nowadays adopts the human right of net access. human right likely under the guidance of humanity, ie. the beneficial of human being.
as to a Chinese on China mainland, i hope net can be more meaningful&positive impact upon the society's innovation.
the UN Human Rights Council to adopt five new Internet freedoms: freedom of expression, of worship, from want, from fear, to connect. 
Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Freedom from slavery. Freedom from torture. Equal protection under the law.  
from Joho the Blog » The Internet as a human right - www.hyperorg.com


dreamed of hunting killer.^dreamed of Japanese again in dawn. then dreamed passing Huangzhou, where i finished my senior middle school, in my hometown journey. 2 alumni, a Wang&a Zhang, met me. the Zhang on way to ship started to hunt for my life. its cloudy in this morning. sins in office damaged my network wire&tentatively shown it loosely on my desk. dog by it indicating of option to deprive me off Internet. fix it by replacing with a wire i stored. God, kill the thief in office.


dreamed of Japanese family.^past 2 days with baby son in gaming full of joys, esp we succeeded all mission in game "Army Ranger: Mogadishu for PC". baby shared the moment reading the ending product message after fury war field. today baby&his mom ema, who said will join family gathering&rarely at home, so she suggested i busy with my own business, don't go over to accompany baby. dreamed of Japanese in dream. its sunny now. i hope i find fun today in office. God, let me connected with pulse&atop game industry. God, rid baby of boring. let him meaningful in silent moments in his life, like i do.


a sunny day with new cyberspace footprint.^yesterday is busy. in night in dorm arranged claiming space for my hometown domestically, esp with 163&hexun, overnight. overseas profiles with yahoo&google already done years ago. this morning got up even earlier, likely before 6am when i settled in office. office sins both stayed at noon, while i enjoy the new space in memory of my ancestor, Zhudajiu, 朱大九. God, see my works there&lasting centuries, for ur glory under my ancestor since the Emperor of Ming Dynasty.
tomorrow is lunar Mid-Autumn Day. i longing now for gaming together with baby son, warrenzh. sunshine already shines the valley&bees wooing for delicacy. God, prepare me for the holy moment, for the gathering. my girls, come&let's game, or make fun.

From life as it extends
From life as it extends
for google&flick blocked within China mainlnad for years, here some copy hosted domestic.

Bright full moon after lunar Mid-Autumn day in sky above QRRS front space.

baby glad&turns playful with his new clothes.

Posted via email from zhuson, united US and China in one under God's shine. ╋中美一家神


praying God for light of life.

today is so far a bright day, left over the darkness on yesterday. I'm to push this prompt blog entry to include recent tweets which mostly lengthy. looking upon the future, esp months ahead, i earnestly pray, God, let me have a new game notebook, a new udisk, and a new cellphone to replace my current one whose battery damaged heavily. i also want to treat baby in holiday with his favorite food in restaurant. God, u bring so many wonderful time in my life silent, the road for me on the earth never so clear ahead of me. God, the faith in me unshakable for light, for English, for holy&purity. God, bring my girls right time, allow us seeing the glory of u and the Son, allow us inherit the beauty&dignity from the most blessed, the Son's. God, constantly shines me in Spirit on this planet.


a day with bliss in the end.^started the day with new hope. read while attending d/l. dozed awhile in afternoon among challenges from facing sin. later found the dog shit let online movie playing while absent, just aiming to lag the Internet within office, like a mice in soup. God, i saw the glory from the falling sins around me. left office a quarter before over time, roamed outside after dinner, &met the girl with a large bag 3rd or 4th time on the lane of QRRS front door. its sunny in the morning, turned cloudy after noon, and stayed clear&weak while redden in dusk. join church after jog, enjoy elaboration on great faith in the preach. buzzed baby in dorm, he complained his mom put too many homework on him, i told him none on the earth or in the universe can cradle him or got him pinched, not even his mom. baby sheered off when i ready to infringe more on his mom. God, what i mean&ask for permits&executes in advance by ur love&mercy, God, dad, still i pledge on u to guaranty my baby's forever light heart when he on the earth, the fragile planet. his mom no doubt has many darkness in her tiny heart&world of view, that meaningless for anyone in Holy Spirit, but as baby son still in need of care, improves his mom with due strength&merit. baby, u can do it, i know, we all know. dreamed in dawn of younger brother. join office around 6am.


a big day.^yesterday important for the crisis of my financial life support. baby's mom, emakingir, finally softened her anxious upon my poor finance&its uncertainty, &even treated us dining out after the day. its all time bright in sunny, baby enjoyed a new game whose protagonist is from his favorite cartoon, sponge bob. i also got badly needed dvd backup for my stuff. baby now joined 3 or more lessons, which drives him busy with trifles. i warned his mom the inefficiency of those lessons. lunch can be delicious, with hamburgers ema manually made, i also ate sweat grapes. its now a bright morning, a work day adjust for coming lunar Mid-Autumn Day vacation, which has 3 days free.

benzrad's commment on the day

publication platform vs my publish. http://amplify.com/u/aqyn 
thx for the informativeness. i have both posterous&tumblr, but so far didn't pay much attention to their difference. my blog mainly post my thoughts&life log, and usually post a collective of recent tweets in a week. i don't care share nor community too much, but to let my voice out there, prophecy inscribed. hope the subtle different emphasis among platform referred above don't hurt my publication, or reversed. 
Update: Should I Move my Blog to Tumblr? Apparently not. 
See this Amp at http://benzrad.amplify.com 
Posted from benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly...鸠昱隆嘉 http://i.benzrad.us


a day with perfect workout.^read all day while attending d/l. before 6pm i got all i admired&left office. enjoyed dinner in canteen where i absent for days, partially for too late, partially for empty wallet, in the past week. after dinner jogged outside, with my short pant its a bit cool, but i determined to train myself against chill. can't help telling baby&his mom the good news of new bonus, which really solves. these days God accompanies me so many occasions, in dark time waiting for d/l finish, in shadow of violence threats, in flashing thoughts among reading to decide, and more and more. God, bring me my new marriage with my beloved, bring me my girls in our prime time. in night buzzed baby, my mother in hometown, my youngest elder sister, about the bonus with which God saves me from starvation&humiliation.
in dawn dreamed of the worn skin of my right heel completely in wholesome peeled off by me. got up to make water&glad with the dream. then dreamed of harmonious life with one of my girls. it's a bright morning now.


save arrives while attest endures.^yesterday's sandstorm brought a peaceful sunny Thursday. dusts down like the effect of a drizzle in late Autumn. weak but bright sunshine likes milk&fragrance of lily. more elation of harvest of interesting pc games. got a holiday bonus of ¥200 from QRRS. God saves me from defame of penniless&starvation. but this month salary again suffers lose, stopped at ¥1095. God, i need a new game gear, Dell notebook studio 14, and a new udisk. i can wait, but my mind don't change: i want to try more pc games. my girls, my beloved, pardon me for my engagement with e-entertainment alone. i want to keep up with full view of my Empire of China, but God sees i need new experience of independent navigation on landscape unclear, like video games, to reinforce my dream of rich, of plenty, after the America Dream. i had to atop the arena of sci-social foundation to be informed in Holy shine. baby, my Queens, i live with u every moment.
a blessing day.^today full of bliss. gained quite some games dreamed of. rested afternoon for resilient from yesterday's intensive chore of maintaining legend pc baby made frequent usage. claimed more vanity url for family sites with x.co. the office pal tentatively talked about violence by local hooligans. left office before 5:30pm, join canteen at once. rest on garden bench, doubting surrounding gangsters. roamed outside&talked awhile with the previous chief director of the factory, now a company, when i enrolled by the enterprise back to 1991, the year i graduated from Nankai Univ. on way near my office, met a girl with a large bag. its our second running across. today is due my girl zhou, or my girl i met on train from my 2nd hometown journey, appears to me, and God shows it in my meeting up with the girl leaving QRRS. its a bright day can't be more splendid. God, bring me into my new life in arms of my girls.
this morning again bright. baby's mom buzzed for missing password for logon desktop. i join office in hopes. i know i m to gain more.


wrote a prompt blog entry to include recent tweets.^yesterday closest encountered violence, which brought me a cold shake. treating baby son KFC costed almost all of my pocket money his mom restrained. ate grapes baby's mom brought, quite sweat they r. teeth strangely automatically bleeding in night. dreamed a lot in dawn. posting/blogging quite smoothly this time. attending d/l while read. some minor sandstorm cast lots of sands on desktop&its keyboard. God, saves me from humiliation of begging dinner! lives me in peace&far from wanting!

From life as it extends
From life as it extends
for google&flick blocked within China mainlnad for years, here some copy hosted domestic.

touching warm late Autumn sunrise in QRRS dorms.

panorama of QRRS front open space.


new hope of peace&rising against threats of murder.

Its a bright morning. i pushed recent tweets to web. God, in an era of competing for darkness&ugliness i don't save nor bless. in ur ordain, i kill or subdue all those rebellions against Holy. God, instill power&energy in me, lead me through the dirty with my Empire of China intact.


dog licking its paws.^today again a bliss. gaining pleasure from the web. facing evil stayed all noon break in office, upset me for i usually at that time sang alone in office. the sin all day challenged me on its seat. after dinner went to receive baby son who join his music lesson since left his kindergarten. a local mafia member passed me&let me in a cold shock. also many dubious men among the waiting parents outside of the music school. these 2 days the office sins frequently talked about local mafia in aim to daunt me. a wedding ceremony likely through the broker, a fake gangster in neighbor office of news department of the enterprise cable TV, enrolled 3 out of 4 professional TV cameras secretly, overtly against official mandate that professional TV cameras not allowed to service personal or folk events, while the company officially hosting a meeting which also demands shooting. most China mainland state-owned enterprise indeed under influence or control of mafia, which fed by the blood-thirsty&brutal authority since birth of PRC and grew into more and more losing patience with curtain of lies of Commonwealth with the society. i invited baby to dine in KFC&he gladly accepted, even in his mom's complains. there r again dubious persons in the restaurant, baby also restless on his seat, but after all its a good time for us, for the gathering so harmonious, so peculiar. God, summon me for ur task here on the planet, I'm fearless in the mob of evils. killing is not a problem for me, and my revenge is famous for its bitter&acid. lots of bloodshed will mushroom on the scary land, i assert.


a happy weekends.^this weekends full of games play. On Saturday i busy with migrating data between my mobile disk&a extended hard disk on legend home pc. on Sunday i rebuilt a clean os from backup with new patched&updates, then backup again, till baby&his mom dined out with her sister-in-law's family and returned. baby quite enjoyed our gaming time, laugh&scream a lot. the sunshine in the 2 days extra bright, baby's mom, emakingir, even complained stingy. in Saturday night, we three join a party hosted by baby's music lesson's school, xiaoyin music school (http://www.xwyy.com), which is a franchise network all the China mainland. but the party hardly to be interesting. on Sunday night, i sang again in dorm after settled the day creatively, for solitude&absence of my girls. today is Monday, the sunshine still brilliant, so hopeful in my life-long devotion. i pray God saves my works online, bring closer my new life in new marriage.


got up earlier. started to blog after made water. in office claimed more short url for family sites with x.co. its bright&a student drum team performing outside for teacher's day. so nice. read the morning blog: http://www.douban.com/note/90089994/ 
enjoy short url with x.co. dreamed of Japanese family.^continued to refine family main blogger blogs, added statistics sidebar, check latest refinement on them. refined chrome settings. read&d/l. claimed family account with x.co, a new shortening url service from godaddy.com, devised some custom url for family sites. baby's mom visited with her school here the meeting hall of QRRS, brought me ¥100&borrowed my ball pen. sorted portable in the end of work time. bought 2 new ball pen, including a green ink pen after 7pm. sang in dorm for God&solitude till neighbors visited. rest all night without any engagement. lately tried calling sally, found her ditched her old mobile numbers we used when i was in my hometown back to May, 2010. in dawn dreamed of visiting Japan. the hosting family has a son&a daughter. they treated me very well. on a small hill near their house, they likely discussing dividing it. i love the family. there appears more relatives, and likely they shared or abiding my passed dad's rule. i decided to inherit dad's arrangement&act accordingly. woke up by urination before 6am. its a golden morning outside.


dreamed of Ramadan.^last afternoon busy refining all family blogger blogs with new template&google buzz sidebars&footer till 7pm left office. dined out by debt. in dorm restored os on notebook. talked about kid brother's strange response, which suggests over-exhausting or weak stance upon baits or conspirations, in the night with baby's mom, emakingir. in dawn dreamed of Ramadan in village. i asked for food of Ramadan from an Imam, cheating or not. its a bright morning again. God, saves my work&merging reality of my Royal of China. saves my new family with my beloved girls. 

From grows Son
From grows Son
for google&flick blocked within China mainlnad for years, here some copy hosted domestic.

baby son, warrenzh, owner of warozhu.com, leaving his music school with his mom, emakingir, after lessons there.

baby son, warrenzh, owner of warozhu.com, his crayon paintings: loose straws.


days in game light, tumbling toward happier new life.


these days collecting games from web brought me so many breathtaking moments that i frequently call title of God to accept my obligations&witness the full of life. every moment when i alone, i counted my loot with melting elation. in the weekends, i spent 2 days with baby in his mom's house, routed from my dorm. we had great times, succeeded missions in games, enjoy soliciting electronic war field in a team or emotionally together. baby alone started to try a bowling game, after i found him likes bowling&suggested e-bowling. he asked his mom lately to compete with him in the bowling game, and really mastered quite some expertise of the game his parents dumbfound. the weekends were cloudy days, but our hearts full of Sunshine. before i returned to dorm in the end of weekends, he asked me to join him every full weekends from now on, and i can't be more happier to accept his companion invitation.
these days office Internet seemingly got coarser surveillance. i had encountered since last week several knockouts during surfing. the browser can't open web pages, while download waded into several KB/s while usual full load sustains 300KB/s. this Monday i had to quit&shot down my notebook&switch for half of an hour when the facing evil absent after 3 times China censorship blocks down my connection. the facing evil all time faultfinding, so its likely a plot to ignite friction between&fuel of blames&angry among the blood-thirsty mob in the office, a place in fact of tomb of dying bitter losers, just attempting to bury me with humiliation&harm lawful. in the sunshine of noon, i pray God prepares me for activities offline, like reading ebooks for research, try games, to avoid the trap&defeat meaninglessness, which the unavoidable shameful product of those mob in office, mostly original worst of blue collars promoted by bribery or nepotism, but if luckiest, i would still enjoy gaining from web as i did so long with the Internet routinely. God, pardons me lingering online too much, grants me more time in solitude&harmonious family life. u know how i am urgent to find a new wife&life, in full view&rein of my Empire.
this morning dreamed of Zoo.^Dreamed of the administrator of a zoo. he had sold most of land of the zoo, but still run short of currency to run a zoo. his staff also leaving. i also dreamed of animals in the zoo. its a bright morning.

bright morning sunshine outside of benzrad's QRRS office
From life as it extends


refined baby&my profile knols. commented on web. Internet deteriorated 3 times&i had to reboot accordingly. the facing sin challenged heavily. read&hunt new pc games. enjoyed dinner. too cool to sit outside. roamed outside, met&nodded to a retired chairman of board of QRRS, a bullshit once dorm mate now a dirty office politician in department of accounting within the dying for outdated company. sorted stuff in night. praying God don't break my passionate engagement with games.
a meaning full weekends.^this weekends spent with baby in 2 days. we made progress on our favorite pc games. baby specially attracted by elf bowling 7, &said played with his mom later than 10pm in Saturday night. my kid brother borrow my logo design for family namespace, faezrland. i sent him via a neighbor's Internet access in dorm. gays in the dorm started to harass me with their ill behavior, after some occasions i side-watched their play with pc for fun. its golden autumn. baby asked me from now on spending every full weekends with him, such a nice suggestion, i never felt enough to be with him. its sunny now in this morning even cloudy when i joined office. 

benzrad's comment on the day

两岸关系: 人民日报宣扬中共领导抗战胜利 马英九批与史实不符 - 法国国际广播电台
bbenzrad zhu - righteous rebuff! history of PRC full of dirt and tentative errs need rewrite.10:10 am

failure of any Chinese stemmed from sinful mainstream of PRC

Lee is the living failing Chinese between China&the western. he nothing but a cheater&loser, even once witness the plenty&creative in western culture. he is far from a broker between sino-US, but a shameless traitor of google even when google still paid him. he is the vivid coward and inferior of Chinese as born with weak backbone, a fart licker of autocratic PRC. his career as well as personal life after left google doomed to be nothing but void&noname. world doesn't echo his new brag of business but a laugh soundless.
Google warned on China plans
By Kathrin Hille in Beijing
Published: September 5 2010 18:51 | Last updated: September 5 2010 18:52
Google's technological lead over Baidu has eroded, the company's former China head has said, highlighting the increasing challenges western internet companies face in the world's most populous internet market.
In an interview with the Financial Times, Kai-fu Lee said western internet companies had no chance in China unless they build a more nimble and flexible local presence and retain a strong technological edge.

the future gap and judged of Chinese

Fang's honest wins him forever dignity. God blesses honest Chinese, and only honest Chinese. hell Chinese nowadays on mainland China, esp those well fed by the dirty society nowadays. 
时代周报:方舟子,最失败的中国人?  http://www.ohmymedia.info/?p=3237
views See this Amp at http://amplify.com/u/9st1

irresistible sink of PRC, rotten society with losing ethic of standing.

the well worded principle always a corner part of the larger ethic reality. in a bankrupt society like PRC, nothing ordered, or even well versed, can't save the mainstream nor ethic national. 
路透社新闻手册之"标准和价值观" http://www.lipuman.com/archives/reuters-news-manual-standards-and-values/ from 李普曼
See this Amp at http://amplify.com/u/9st7 


finally accessed myspace.^yesterday i was in elation after i gained&supplemented a broken archive from web near 6pm. my thx to God is saint&thick. baby's mom still in afraid of talking money with me after see through my poor salary, coarsely let me shut up when i referred what i bought, like some tea yesterday. in the night trusted neighbor roommates help fixing my cellphone can't access Internet via wap for months. they both reluctant to let me check their cell's setting but browse my cellphone. after all they failed me. this morning again a brilliant sunny morning. God allows me posted recent 2 blog entries to myspace, which refute my logon for more than 3 days by ill response broken by proxy disabled by China censorship. God, i see more miracles&fruits of work through ahead. Thx for what u done on me.

benzrad's comment on the day.

irresistible sink of China nowadays with no resistance to sin&sinister. 沉疴不治的中国

the dying China society, deepest core sin is the authority, or its back bone, Marxism vented by Russian. no cure for nowadays China, except total collapse&rebuilt into Empire under Zhu's, the Emperor of last native Chinese nation.
PRC, to its best, is a prototype of dark power from sins among German&Russian, outdated in today's world since the flagship product, the Russia Red's collapse back to 1991. PRC as its best, is a cheap commodity like what it produces in these 20 years in global economy.
i, benzrad朱子卓, here assert again, i will ruling China in an Empire reset for 1109 years that comes soon. China belongs to the Son, while Chinese redemption&sacrifice to God long time is due and as the only way out of the world.

方舟子的个人空间--方舟子 | 留言


2010年09月02日 10:40:10



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Posted via email from benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly...鸠昱隆嘉


dreamed of Chinese Kong Fu, or Taoism.^yesterday is busy. after work time the facing sin again stayed in office till i left before 6pm. after daily exercise, ie. rest on garden bench, jog around the front space of QRRS, rest on bed&dozed, till a neighbor guy visited. later dropped him a visit but nothing special. in dawn dreamed of a girl from working class with me join a Chinese Kong Fu class, whose tutor in fact a fake Chinese kongfu master. i left earlier, but years after when i met the girl, she told really Chinese Kong Fu means, there r real breath method, space orientation rules, etc. she reinforced quite a lot by the practice. she got the fake master's baby but finally left the cheating person. after work up, i see God's way no other but my way, only i gifted with the real source of mightiest&timeless&most glorious. but God offers many ways to show human the source of life&supernatural.

peaceful warm autumn sunset in QRRS front space.


storm in anticipation.


prepared for starvation emotionally.^yesterday narrowly a busy day. posted a blog, managed finding missing parts of web stuff. sorted stuff lately. the office was full, with all members. i lingered for ten and more minutes after work time, till Internet on corp lan down. its strange but i know China surveillance acting upon. when i left the office, the street stood thick guarding cops. i waited for baby&his mom out of his music school after left notebook in dorm. after carried baby on my shoulders, i told him our family duty: 1. bring Chinese to God YHWH. 2. ruling China as an Empire rest in 1109 years to come. i told him his dad forever in God's set, no one luckier than him in the world. accompany baby haunting KFC, where his mom brought me ¥200 for life support. my financial deficit is about ¥1200, and i want to buy a new Dell game notebook about ¥6000 in this year end, ¥1000 for domains renewal or pay back for Taiwanese friend help me registering. God, my life is meaningful but don't act mean. bring my new life to me.
with money in pocket, i dined near office, with toast beef stick&manually sliced needle. in the restaurant the daughter weeping for her dad scorned her. i taught a lesson to his dad as well as some other family member of the boss, customers there till finished my dinner&left. in the night there r many crackers&fireworks. i know God's affirmative&new landscape disclosure from fogs loomed so far.


blog upon threats from demons.^prepared a blog entry, including making a panorama of QRRS dorms, where i lingered for transit to my new marriage, from recent photos. its a bright morning, but sometimes cloudy. myspace ill responded, likely China surveillance broke between or spy hijacked my account there. praying God prepare me for looming starvation, for my finance turns poor.
read and d/l. created baby son account with radiotime. sorted portable. late night around 9:30pm, buzzed baby about perished situation around me, urged him his dad belongs to God, no matter on the earth or absent, he in God's arrangement, and never can human trap.


dog shows teeth.^read lately. then the sin on facing desk returned, half drunk. just after the monitor left&work time over, it start to curse me. i tried to dial to the high rank, a Zhou, the department director, a Wang, and finally the corporate cops. the first two absent on the other end of phone. when a cop talked with me on phone, the deputy director works locally&the hard core gay in facing room along aisle talked to the dog&accompany it left. i praying God for able to do task i like. then the dog returned&continued to abuse me. i see the plot of machine dog, China surveillance. after peacefully sorted stuff, i left before 5:45pm or so. im glad with what i gained from web. after dinner i rest on dorms' garden bench, after several days' break for lingering in office after work time. lately in dusk i roamed outside. buzzed baby earlier before cellphone battery ran out. baby claimed he likes more his mom. i congratulate his mom for baby's claim. later near 8:12pm, i buzzed again, attempting to discuss with baby my unbalance, but he refused to talk in air. i love him so much. never in the world a character can split us, the holy trinity. God, today really brilliant!


family domains expand to include more member sites.^last night has the idea to adopt short url for new subdomains under family domains. launched at once after settled in office near 6:30am, till near 3pm see dust down. new subdomain outlets more family blogs hosted on world prominent blog portals, like posterous (http://i.benzrad.us http://i.zhuson.com http://i.warozhu.com http://i.be21zh.org ), tumblr (http://t.benzrad.us http://t.zhuson.com http://t.warozhu.com http://t.be21zh.org ), or wordpress (setup finished but for wordpress charges for custom domain remapping, i laid it off). sorted bookmarks then. attending d/l let me restless. its such a great day, that i want a beer, but unfortunately i dislike it.
after all, God, save my works against China surveillance. bring me into new life toward my second marriage. save my beloved in this dirty world in nowadays China.


dreamed of disputes with baby's mom.^yesterday is a full work load day. attending d/l till after 6pm. just after i ate some fruits baby's mom, emakingir buzzed in. baby just finished music lesson closely near my dorm. carried baby son walked with ema till she complained too late to linger. in night turned agile&haunted neighbors in the dorm to watch how they made fun with computer&Internet. in dawn dreamed twice disputes with baby's mom. its a quite bright morning. refined some family google apps' sites' pages. checked family emails routinely. God, saves my works which so concrete.


a wonderful day with a raining start.^heavy rain in dawn. join office in rain. prepared&posted recent photo of dining out in a Chinese cuisine restaurant with a blog entry. delayed so far since morning for the publish of photos to web album yet can't finish with a link. read all time. later chatted with baby's mom, who prepared baby's profile photo for his music lesson. it turns sunny or cloudy since noon. God, saves the beautiful day with my works. save my Royal of China, the saint of my Empire of China.