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weeping rain after flashing sunshines, Masheng missing me.

this is a serene morning, after a raining night. its lunar Apr 15, so lots of crackers in dawn by villagers memorising their ancestors. i was deeply concerning the portable hard disk God grants me previously. i asked for lean from my youngest elder sister, she promised but so far didn't inform me when i can get it. sinful eldest brother approached me by the excuse of talking his daughter in college in Wuhan, and sat on my stool and profaned quite some moments. i sang for joys after published recent photos. God, dad, Masheng, when is my new marriage that brings me harmony never seen?

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baby's birthday ignored by his mom.^read most day. dozed at noon but woke up by 2 visiting old women in the village. shown them online album for one of them shot by me previously. arranged downloading after dinner then haunted outside. shot some photos in front plaza. chatted with an villager once worked in the county city. baby's mom, emakingir, tentatively ignored baby's birthday today, abiding her mother's freaky picking baby's birthday annually by comparing lunar calendar with Gregorian calendar. shits!

sick and sin of mother.^read all day. mother fetched the granddaughter-in-law of my elder brother, a Hu, who is about 2 years old and likely lack of affection, to home to care, for elder brother family busy with field harvest. cared download. at noon got the idea that equipped myself with a portable harddisk. buzzed my youngest elder sister&got her promise of lend me the money. mother complained of sick of too many shits, bought some medicine late afternoon. i haunted outside after dinner, chatted with a worker of state grid but lives in the village. mother again surveillance me&urged me to return home early when i in chat. in night her sick view of personal affection or love shown itself, which quite sinful as God informed me already, to me. God, dad, i never waste a second on the dark in my mother's soul, i linger here for u, for my new life with my girls, esp. girl zhou, my 3rd wife, and my second wife, Masheng, never let me fail in peace on ur lovable land, Zhudajiu village.

Benzrad's comment on May 26,2010
so acute the point!!!
by dabbog@gmail.com (benzrad zhu朱子卓)

China mainland nowadays no doubting falling into its last struggle against breaking apart. the dictation elite squad long time preparing for their exit, tried best to grasp more treasures with their corpses in tomb covered by earth. darkness by the evils already scattered by the original potential of Chinese, esp. the heavily handicapped Chinese peasants. China, never belongs to republic nor communist.

in reference to: http://www.oschina.net/news/9353?from=rss 
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haircut.^sleepy morning. haircut after breakfast, bu the visiting barber's razor let my upper lid bleeding. it drizzled in the morning. hope i can get my portable hardisk sooner.

raining day.^read all time. second time told mother God grants me no anxiousness with living (yesterday told her God grants the new portable harddisk.), to assure her to rip her usual doubts. she sinfully left dad's house at once in doubts, i also re-download a radio software to reconnect to bible radio. sleepy when i rest on long bench while listening preach in air, however, i managed on notebook, &finished following a talk program from the radio. God, Masheng, let me get my portable harddisk tomorrow in a sunny day, let me talk to baby&his mom, &fix her chrome sooner. Masheng, u asked for assignment, i know, pl bring my girl zhou, as well as my other girls under my Royal of China, join me in new marriage ahead in most blessed time or moment. 

raining night with remote support for baby's mom.^bathed to clean cut hairs. watched awhile TV till mother retreated from my room. help baby's mom, emakingir, to fix her frequently crashed chrome by equipping it with a new extension to backup/restore sessions, all done online. also tried new way to video chat, now that gtalk heavily lagging&echoes. told my coming new portable hard disk. it rains harder in night. i really love it.

benzrad's comment on May 27,2010


llp azxj - 老郭的鞠躬太牛了,每次一结束就跳,求你别鞠躬了,好好反思解决根本问题吧 11:58 am

benzrad zhu - young Chinese expressing deep desperation with their lives, in the face of deaf&dumbfound Chinese authority nowadays. 1:41 pm

From Hometown Journey Ⅱ
From Hometown Journey Ⅱ
From Hometown Journey Ⅱ
发件人 Hometown Journey Ⅱ

for picasaweb&flickr blocked within China mainland, the shit&dog dominated sinful land, here some digest of photos hosted domestically.

The front door of village hall, migrated from village's heritage.

a retired worker once lived in county city for a bus company, now lives in the village with his 2 sons&their families.

a oleander tree in blossom.