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a blessed day, breeze after rainning night.

family of neighbor.

the road to zhudajiu, my hometown village.

it has been days since i returned from Tianzhen, the town my elder sisters, including my most cherished family member, my youngest elder sister, live. the decision to return Zhudajiu, my hometown village, was when i caught sight of the burning sunshine outside of elder sister's house's window, which is rightly my long time dream in Qiqiqhar, northeastern China, and the cause of my hometown journy. another reason is the rain here, so plenty each time it pours and times it occurs. this morning and recent days i reviewed the love from a girl student under family name lǘ (in Chinese the syllabus can also mean rain), when she regularly haunted emakingir's house for English tutorial even her English score quite satisfying in ema's school. she loves me and shown it with her best way she can adopt. she even descended to fight with ema around the table in ema's house to exam if she qualified to win me aside her in her life from my old family. i today learned from holy message that her love to me is true and divined. i would grant her to make ways to reach me and live along me in my life.

that love also remind me a early love occurred in my senior middle school, in a prodigious school, Huanggang middle school, Hubei Prov., central China. a girl always with marvelous scholar scores and frequent the top score owner in our grade, in the same family name lǘ, visited my hometown and slept in our old house a night when we took occasionally, at least for me, the same ship returning our hometown in vacation. i never second time receive the same level of brave a girl can shown upon her beloved. at that time we r in our fifteen's and i never dared to attracted her fond, for in most of my senior middle school years i was depressed by insufficience on score in exams. i don't know the night what happened to her, but she didn't contact me anymore after it, in the rest of our senior middle school years. i missed her very much but never had the confidence to invite her interview with me again. the last time i cared her up in my heart is when i saw she sat with a guy from the same county of hers on the grass in the school in sunset and talked. i then sure i was a loser and i put my long time love for her into death pool. the guy later didn't become her husband, but gracefully and enviable for most Chinese young men migrated into US with a scholar career. he is rightly the man help me get my first domain, be21zh.org, from American domain registrargodaddy.com. while the lǘ, palely settled in a secondary city, Yichang, within Hubei Prov., likely continued to research her major in college, virus. i never had an insight of the life or psychic set of a extradinarily able girl or woman, and also never got insight to the brave and sudden visit she brought to me the quite early year in our youth. she was a puzzle in my life, and i awared it before i first time fell into madness, back to 1999 or so.

its a cool day, after 2 days of first wave of heat in the summer here in Hubei Prov., central China. i enjoyed the dry and solid heat in burning sunshine very much, as i long time expected and the meaning of my hometown journey, the great gift from my Japanese girl and fiancee, Masheng. it started to rain in sunset, a real surprise for me, for it don't usually have too many rains on the latitude in summer. most of my beloved, r strong and powerful girls, i know, and i enjoyed my favored fate with so many beautiful creatures of God, they r in fact one of my wife, but very different facets of one diamond of the most beautiful. they live with strenth in my universe in my shine, all the one and Mightiest God's set.

its now just after noon, and breeze let me glad. with the help of Masheng, i now befriend with wind, esp. breeze. quite some other sounds still kinds of alarms for me, let me in fear of God's rage, or enemies' conspire that can hinder the way toward my Royal or kingdom, but i will live with all power from God, and live in joy forever gradually.

ps: when i posting recent 2 blogs, folks' hatreds arriving, a weeping women came to my old house to tell her being beaten by the same villagers. its all the demons against my Royal, here esp. my past dad, the God. they surely only one way to leak their failure and envies, that's death, sooner or later.